Ukrainian State Mediacl & Dental Academy

Higher educational institution of Ukraine "Ukrainian Medical Dental Academy" - a leading state university of the training of doctors, including dentists. The Academy started its activities in 1921 as odontology department of Kharkiv Medical Academy.

In 1967, the college moved to Poltava and renamed in Poltava Medical Dental Institute. In 1994 Poltava medical stomatological institute received the highest IV level of accreditation and the status of Ukrainian Medical Dental Academy.

In 2014 IV accreditation level was confirmed by the accreditation commission of Ukraine.

Currently, the academy trained 4249 students, 764 of them - foreigners from 46 countries. Here there are dental faculty Medical №1, medical №2 (pediatrics), faculty of foreign nationals, Department of Pre-University and the Faculty of Postgraduate Education. On the basis VDNZU "UMSA" established college that prepares bachelors and junior specialists. In 2008 was opened and successfully operated pharmaceutical division, and in 2012 started training younger professionals, pharmacists for distance learning.

The structure of the academy operates 53 department, nine of them - supporting. Clinical and consulting work performed at 39 clinical departments of the Academy, located in the best regional and municipal hospitals of Poltava. The Academy trains specialists in specialty:

1. Dentistry (7.12010005) - training period of 5 years

2. Medicine (7.12010001) - training period of 6 years

3. Pediatrics (7.12010002) - training period of 6 years

4. Nursing (5.12010102) - training period 3 years

5. Orthopedic Dentistry (5.12010106) - term of training 2 years

6. Pharmacy (5.12020101) - a daily basis, term of training 2

7. Pharmacy (5.12020101) - extramural studies, training period 3 years

Form of study at the academy full-time and part-time (pharmacy)

The scientific potential UMSA - 90 doctors, 367 candidates of sciences, professor 81, 196 associate professors, 2 State Prize of Ukraine, 5 Honoured Scientist of Ukraine, 4 Honoured physicians of Ukraine, one deserved innovator.

Academy - repeated participant of international exhibitions of prestigious educational institutions "Modern Education in Ukraine", "Innovation in modern education", "Education and Career", which represented the university towards the achievement of the educational process, scientific and methodological innovations, modern information and telecommunication systems and multimedia training etc., for which at year 2013/2014 was awarded a gold medal, three Grand Prix and diplomas. Higher education institution of Ukraine "Ukrainian Academy of Medical Dental" awarded honorary titles "Leader of National Education" "Leader of scientific and technological activities."

Ukraine as a member of the UN and UNESCO is actively involved in international programs in higher education. Helps to foreign countries in preparing their national medical personnel and VDNZU "Ukrainian Academy of Medical Dental". To improve the quality of medical training of specialists from among foreign citizens at the academy in 1992, the Department on work with foreign students. Currently, the academy trained 764 foreigners from 46 countries (Palestine, Iraq, Iran, Syria, Morocco, Algeria, Jordan, Pakistan, Libya, Russia, Turkmenistan and others.). They are guaranteed all the rights and freedoms stipulated by the current legislation of Ukraine.

Training of foreign citizens is conducted according to the curriculum and programs of the Ministry of Education and Ministry of Health of Ukraine. International students on an equal footing with students - citizens of Ukraine enjoy classrooms, reading rooms and library, sports facilities, it also highlighted areas for cultural, religious activities and meeting local associations. Courses provide teachers with specialized training and extensive experience working with foreign citizens in the early stages of their training. After graduation, foreign students receive diplomas of international standard.

In 2011 the Higher Educational Institution of Ukraine "Ukrainian Academy of Medical Dental" noted glorious jubilee - the 90th anniversary of the founding of his alma mater.

During its existence the Academy has trained 28,700 dentists, 12,000 other doctors, about 1,600 medical staff middle managers.

Ukrainian Medical Dental Academy has taken an important step towards joining the European educational space and enabled the graduates to be competitive, recognized specialists in any country of the world.