Ukrainian State Mediacl & Dental Academy

An appropriate level of the faculty and the quality of teaching is supported training of scientific and pedagogical staff and conducting research activities. The Academy conducted training in doctoral, graduate school, master's degree, residency. One form of scientific-pedagogical and scientific personnel is the independent work of the scientific department dysertatsiyeyu.U provided methodological and practical assistance on paperwork in the planning and execution of dissertations, research, master's works. A certification of annual graduates. Science department creates the right conditions for compliance with the SCC to dissertations, particularly regarding the number and quality of publications. Developed and supervised plan of scientific and pedagogical staff.

Research Institute of the genetic and immunological bases of pathology and pharmacogenetics (NII HIORPF)

The history of development and establishment of the Central Research Laboratory UMSA over twenty years ended logical reorganization of the Scientific Research Institute of the genetic and immunological bases of diseases and pharmacogenetics (NII HIORPF). Extensive experience of state programs of research, implementation of the principles of evidence-based medicine, certification of Health of Ukraine, regular audits American and German pharmaceutical companies, permanent Summer School, which addresses issues including evidence-based medicine, all clinical multicenter studies and other studies of new drugs, active participation at all levels and international congresses and conferences have shown the need for a timely and research institutes. In late 2008 CSRL was reorganized by transforming it into a research institute of genetic and immunological bases of diseases and pharmacogenetics.

Department of scientific medical information and patent-license work

The department of patent licensing and research institutions and information activities contributes to high performance research (experimental design), the innovative work and scientific obtaining competitive products, forms of scientific and information resources and organizing their effective use in the patent information support of scientific research at all stages of their implementation. Conducts organizational and methodological work related to the use of scientific information, scientific and technical resources, means of scientific communication, implementation of innovative measures mastery of new technologies and increased scientific research and information specialists competence of the institution.

Department of International Relations

10.03.2011 g. Academy in the department of International Relations, whose goal is to achieve international cooperation VDNZU "Ukrainian Medical Dental Academy" from foreign universities, international organizations, clinical research centers i in medicine i Health.